Floor Restoration

Floor Restoration

Repairs & Restoration

Regency Floor Sanding specializes in the renovation and repair and of wooden floors, restoring them back to their original splendor. We are a family run business trained to a certificated level of competence by FITA (Floor Industry Training Authority) and as such, look to give you best advice and a fair price for the work carried out.

Loose and creaky

Creaky or loose boards can drive you mad, making it sound more like a haunted house!!. We can investigate the problem and look to correct it. Mostly it’s a case of a few well placed nails to sort it out, or it may be that a section of joist needs replacing to stop the bounce. This is standard work for us and by carefully lifting a section of floor we can advise on the cost of work needed.

Matching the original

If it is necessary to replace a section of wooden floor, we can source new and reclaimed boards that will complement the original floor. We will endeavor to find a good match for many types of floor in both soft and hardwood boards. Parquet floors can also be repaired, in particular, where fire places have been altered.

Floor re-finishing

You will be surprised at how re-finishing a floor can transform the look of a room, leaving it looking as fresh as when first installed. With hardwoods we find that most people choose to stay with the beautiful natural colour and grain we have exposed, then sealing it with either a lacquer or an oil. With soft woods such as pine, then stains can be a way of putting a personal stamp on the final finish.

Oils and stains

There are numerous colours of stains that can be applied to a wooden floor. A lot will depend on the type of wood we are dealing with. We regularly attend training days run by FITA to keep abreast of new developments in stains and lacquers. This puts us in a good position to give customers up to date advice. The trade names we currently use are JUNKERS, BONA & WOCCA.

The big finish

Once the wooden floor has been sanded, treated or stained, it is important to protect it from damage. We will advise you as to the best finish depending on the level of foot fall to the room in question, but the final choice is yours from a good range of both oils and Lacquers.

Our friendly team of experts are on hand to any questions you may have. Call us on 01926 298181 for advice or to book a free-of-obligation estimation.