School Floor Sanding

School Floor Sanding

Regency Floor Sanding specializes in wooden floor sanding and restoration for a range of educational establishments throughout the Midlands. From nurseries and schools, to colleges, village and church halls, we can ensure your wooden flooring is durable and safe.

School Floor Sanding

Sports halls and gymnasiums are an integral part of school life. In this age of technology, it has become increasingly important that children lead active and healthy lives. The sanding and renovation of the wooden floor of your sports hall can contribute towards this and prevent injuries that could be caused by damage to old flooring.

The Process

The first process is carried out using the Lagler belt sanding machine with in built dust extraction. We make three passes with this machine using “Zirconia” belts, typically 40 grit (course) 80 (medium) and 120 (Fine). This will remove all existing Lacquers and paint. At this point we carry out any repairs needed.

The second process uses the “Lagler Trio” with built in dust extraction. This is a reciprocating machine with three separate circular discs mounted on a larger rotating disc. Again we make three passes using the same grit levels as process one. This closes the grain and provides the very fine smooth surface required for the next stage which is, sealing the whole floor with “Junkers Pro Seal”. Where applicable the court marking is then undertaken.

Next we apply a coat of “Junkers HP commercial”. This High Performance anti slip lacquer is Health & Safety approved and meets B.S.5796-2 (recommended for use on floors where there is High Traffic,multi use and where food or drinks may be served).

When dry the floor is buffed and hoovered prior to applying the final coat of Lacquer. We strongly recommend that you adhere to all manufactures drying times, ie following the final coat, 8 hours should be allowed before LIGHT traffic and 72 Hours for full curing. The floor is now impervious to water and can be simply swept moped or hoovered as required.

We can recommend applicator and product info. For ongoing cleaning plus provide annual deep clean maintenance should you require it.

Safety is paramount

We understand that the safety of children is of paramount importance in schools and educational establishments. The halls are often multi-functional and need to cope with a variety of uses such as assemblies, dining areas, sport and dance. We can recommend a range of finishes which can cope with this, all of which meetBritish Standards.

Time is of the essence

The school holidays are the perfect time to transform your establishment’s wooden flooring. We understand that holidays are as much about preparing for the next academic year as they are about having a well-earned rest. That’s why our experts will plan your job down to a tee and ensure the work is finished on time so that pupils have a new floor to admire upon their return..

Our friendly team of experts are on hand to any questions you may have. Call us on 01926 298181 for advice or to book a free-of-obligation estimation.